About Phyllis Bordo

Phyllis Bordo is a retired English high school teacher who enjoys reading to her grandchildren, volunteering at their school library, and volunteering at Ibby Canada's Reading With Newcomers program.

After noticing how much children worry today, Phyllis created Lilly Esther to show them how to address their fears and anxieties. She hopes that Lilly Esther will help children find ways to cope with their worries, no matter what they are. Phyllis's books open discussion among children and their teachers, parents and peers on these sensitive issues. Lilly Esther's stories deal with these topics in a humorous and loving way.

Lilly Esther Conquers the Worries, Quincey Loves Lilly Esther Forever, and Lilly Esther, Queen of Magic are the first three books in the Lilly Esther series. In May 2024, Phyllis released Lilly Esther Rescues Her Park, the fourth installment in the series!

Phyllis lives in Toronto, Ontario with her husband and her two dogs, Cleopatra and Lilly Esther named after the heroine of her stories, Lilly Esther