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Phyllis Bordo


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Have you ever gone to your favorite park and cried because it was covered in trash and litter?
Well, Lilly Esther and her dog, Olivia experience just that! They never turn down a challenge and are determined to find a way to clean up their park. But… what will happen if they don’t? Join Lilly and Olivia on their newest adventure, and you just might find out how to save your own park, too!

Add the 4th installment of the Lilly Esther series to your bookshelf NOW!

People are saying...

"This is a well-written and -illustrated book that really helps kids deal with anxiety. It shows them that they're not alone, and great to whip out any time your kid has the 'worries.'"
- Canadian Lilly Esther Fan (Lilly Esther Conquers the Worries)

"I don't know any other book that helps you talk about loss with kids. The author's first book about anxiety is also a great platform for helping young kids with anxiety."
- Canadian Lilly Esther Fan (Quincey Loves Lilly Esther)

"This book is magical and delightful! My kids and I loved it and read it again and again. Illustrations are super fun, too!"- Canadian Lilly Esther Fan (Lilly Esther, Queen of Magic)